Ten Habits of Competent Riders

24 Nov

Ten Habits of Competent Riders.


Do You Make This Timing Mistake When Riding Your Horse?

24 Nov

Do You Make This Timing Mistake When Riding Your Horse?.

Wild and Crazy

15 Nov

Dear readers,

Sorry guys, you were in for a really long post… until wordpress closed my page… rawr. Haha guess I’ll (not rewrite everything) just summarize? We shall see eh?

So riding.. major accident. Sigh hehe but there were some positive takeaways as well. Streisand trusts me. She trusts me. ❤ Secret person (wanna marry me LOL KAY) Long story…;) The heart’s for you dear Streisand:) I love you!!! Carrots and more carrots..

I’ve never seen Streisand nor Karina this spooked before…. even Wallaby ( a gelding mind you! an old one, mature one, a quiet and calm one meant for kids!) even got spooked out so bad as well.. I love you horses… take care and have a good night’s rest. Enjoy your dinner.

Fast forward… wind wind wind

He was really nice too! (Secret person hehe)

He helped my sister (who was the victim today) bandaged her arm, and talked to her and calmed her down as well. And he was really sweet, sacrificing his personal time to come and talk to us, and made sure we were taken care of. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it alot.

Alright! I guess that’s all for now. It’s quite a choppy post, no guessing I know it is. I have so much to say, but maybe tomorrow when all the excitement died down yeah? Writing without a calm mind is like sailing without knowing the wind direction. In my opinion. =)


Sweet dreams and good night for now guys!

Norwegian Wood

13 Nov

I’ve read the whole book, but it still puzzles me so much… (and I have no idea why the protagonist can get away with such behaviour.) Still, I really enjoyed the book, with the emotions of the characters so vivid, their thoughts and ideas. I still can’t understand Naoko though.

anyways, my phone miraculously revived (: yay!


Shall read Norwegian Wood another time soon. It’s complicated.

11 Nov

Such a lovely sight… (:
A warm feeling to sleep in bed at night



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10 Nov

“The maker of a sentence launches out into the infinite and builds a road into Chaos and old Night, and is followed by those who hear him with something of wild, creative delight.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


10 Nov

Its not everyday when you’re cycling by the beach and you see a (wild) rooster. Thinking hey, does it even swim to get here?? The nearest human civilization is the city, technically.

As you can guess, its a cross between a chicken and a duck. =)


Thanks to Bobby for the inspiration and for Nicoo for the laughs in between. 😉